16: I Can’t Breathe (FINALE DI STAGIONE)

“C’e’ chi la chiama intolleranza quest’ombra che avanza, che incalza, che aumenta di potenza: figlia di arroganza e di ignoranza, ragione di vita di chi ha perso la coscienza e crede ciecamente nella supremazia di una razza sulle altre: no, non è la mia questa visione della vita, e la partita non e’ vinta finche’ […]

The Wonder Stuff, Maybe








Maybe I should be a writer
Write a book and feel much brighter
And share my thoughts with the world

Or maybe then I could be a film maker
Celluloid is more fun than paper
You never seen the screens corners curl

Aah maybe then I could be a lover
Find a girl and win her over
Tell her that she’s the only one

Yeah maybe then a philanderer
I’d sneak around and lie to her
And kid myself that I’m the happy one

I’m not looking over four leaf clovers
I’m just waiting for hell to freeze over
Yeah over

Maybe I should take the mic’
Stand up tall like Michael Stipe
And try to solve the problems of the earth

Or maybe then I should sit back down
Scratch my chin and use my frown
And try to figure out exactly what I’m worth

We’re still building churches burning books
Killing the babies to feed the crooks
Who said the world would turn out fair

So I guess I’ll dig myself a hole
Ask the devil if he wants my soul
And do something real like cut my hair


Oh maybe this and maybe that
It may be satin it may be sack
It won’t really matter much in the end

Maybe my enemy maybe my friend
I’d drive myself around the bend
Thanks for your time and ears to lend