11: Originals

Quanto è difficile essere originali? Lo spunto ci viene dalle puntate precedenti, dove abbiamo ospitato band emergenti italiane e ci siamo chiesti quale avremmo messo sotto contratto, se fossimo stati dei discografici. Chi è stato davvero originale? Storicamente quali sono gli artisti che lo sono stati? Vi proponiamo una carrellata di artisti che secondo noi […]

Pop Will Eat Itself, Dos Dedos Mis Amigos

These eyes see only what they wanna see
These ears hear only what they wanna hear
These minds think only what they wanna think
These lies, these lies

You will find no answers in this head
What you see is what you get
Watch as all the lights go out
Down and out, out for the count

Take your places, choose your sins
Everyone loses, noone wins
I have seen the future and this is how it begins

In chaos and riots, the screech of machines
No right and no wrong and no in between
Fall one by one, the queen to her fool
Dos dedos mis amigos – everything’s cool

These arms hold whoever needs to be held
These hands take whatever they wanna take
These words fake whoever needs to be faked
These lies, these lies

Look for clues inside the baby’s head
Hear the words yet to be said
Cue the music, fade to black
No such thing as no payback

Take this line, know where it ends
No return, no make amends
Is this the future or this is how it will end?



Everything’s cool… (x2)